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Agnisameekarana Yog

Reference - Bhaisjaya Ratnavali Agnimandya Rogadhikaar 10/13

This yog is very much beneficial in treating the Mandagni (reduced digestive power) & vishamagni (irregular digestion). It can be taken as a home remedy for digestion related disorders.


  • Chawal ka mand (Liquid based dish made with rice): It is the lite diet that could be advised to any patient for improving digestion. This will restore the digestive power of the person and also providing adequate fluid, electrolyte & nourishment to the body.
  • Hing (Ferula asafoetida) is considered as the best digestion stimulant in Ayurveda.
  • Souvarchal namak (Black salt) has many properties that is useful in increasing appetite and improving the digestion & enhance secretions of digestive enzymes.

Method of Preparation

  • Preparing Mand: Take rice one part (say 100 grams) and then cook it in 14 parts water (i.e. approximately 1.4 liter). Allow the rice to boil completely well and then the soupy preparation of rice which is known as Mand is prepared.
  • Then add hing and souvarchal namak to it and consume it.

Medicinal Properties

As mentioned by Acharyas Mandagni is the basic cause to all the disease which means reduced digestive power is the root cause for various acute & chronic diseases. Thus correcting this task is the top most priority. This diet recipe/ yog can be prescribed/ advised to any person both healthy and diseased without any side effect. This yog consist of three items namely mand which is a soup based preparation of rice which is easily digestible and providing rest to the intestines. So, that they can work efficiently in future. Also the other two ingredients are great appetizer & promotes the digestion by correcting Mandagni (mostly caused due to kaphaj disorders or Aama) and vishamagni (caused due to vitiation of vata dosha).


  • Mandagni (Reduced digestive power)
  • Vishamagni (Irregular digestive power)
  • Arsha (Hemorrhoids)
  • Atisaar (Diarrhea)
  • Grehni (Irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Various liver & spleen related disorders
  • Chronic / Acute Gastritis
  • Constipation etc.
  • Anorexia
  • Indigestion


According to person's diet, can eat stomach full.


Avoid taking frequently this meal in winters.

Therefore, at last I can say the above-mentioned Agni Sameekarana yoga can be used on a daily basis to boost up the digestive fire and promote healthy digestion. So despite taking lots of antacids, use this home remedy for good health.

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