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Ajmodadi Kasaya - Ingredients, Indications, Benefits and Uses


Ajmodadi kasaya is a formulation in a kasaya form used for internal administration and used in the treatment of fever and some digestive system related issues.

Ingredients and Quantity

  • Ajamoda (Carum roxburghianum) - 1 part
  • Katukarohini (Picrorhiza kurroa) - 1 part
  • Water - 16 times to all

Method of Preparation

Prepare the coarse powder of all the ingredients and add water to it. Then it should be reduced to one eighth by boiling. On completion of the process, it should be filtered through a clean cloth and used in Luke warm state.

Therapeutic Uses of Ajmodadi Kasaya

  • Ajmoda is an Indian spice which is very commonly used in Indian households and has excellent benefits in Digestive health.
  • This is very beneficial in conditions related to Vata and kapha dosha inflicted illnesses.
  • Ajamodadi kasaya is highly beneficial in the treatment of Fever where the raise of temperature is seen at interval of every 2 days.
  • This is very helpful in fevers arising out of Vatha and kapha dosha where there is myalgia, arthralgia, suppressed hunger and heaviness is mainly seen.
  • It is very beneficial in abdominal pain, bladder pain and colic.
  • Ajamodadi kasaya taken in any conditions of abdominal colic, gaseous distension and helps improving digestion.
  • It helps to better the conditions of Anaha and Adhmana.
  • This kasaya helps in the issue of Arochaka (Anorexia) where a person cannot elicit the taste and has developed aversion to food.
  • Ajamodadi kasaya is good for the cardiac health.
  • People with diabetes can start taking this kasaya which helps in maintaining their bodily sugar levels and alongside managing digestive health.
Shloka of Ajmodadi Kasaya

Reference:- Sahasrayogam // Svarasa Yoga Prakaranam (Chapter No. 3) // Ajmodadi Kasaya

Dose: 40 ml. B.D. (Twice a day) lukewarm condition.


Chaturthika jvara, Adhmana, Anaha, Aruci, Udarashula, Jvara and Ajeerna.

Side Effects

No known side effects, better to take under medical supervision.

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