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Ayurveda Will Stay Forever to Heal the Humanity

There is a saying, "Everything ends being good, and if it is not good, it is not the end."

So, why to worry about the things which are beyond our control? Especially, when we have never worried to take care of them at that time when these were all in our control. This is the bitter truth which we all know, and now as this critical situation is here, finally we have got three different categories of people.

Some are those, who are accepting their mistakes now that they have done earlier and ruined the natural resources and changing themselves not to repeat the same.

Ayurveda will Stay Forever to Heal the Humanity

Some are accepting and understanding it all, but still are not changing themselves and repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Some are even not accepting that it is their mistake; they are still blaming the other people, the society, the government, the nature, the god and everything else, except themselves.

Let's not get deep in that discussion as it is a vicious circle that will never end, but just think once, to which category you belong? If, you are in the first category then it is fine but if not, is there need to switch for betterment? So, what's now? Anyone has any Idea? Yes, most of us have but we will not work on it and will not let others to work as well. Why? Because we have created our nature like this, not to appreciate the initiatives by anyone, but to find the chance to blame them for not getting successful results. Still, something is there which never stops working for us; some people are there who don't care about other's opinion as they just work for the humanity with their best efforts.

Obviously, and they are not wrong whether they get results or not, because at least they are trying, they are utilizing the resources, with the best of their knowledge to make things better and every step taken for doing good gives some result one day for sure.

Ayurveda is one of them, people have a belief that Ayurveda works slowly, but is it really? Do they know what Ayurveda really is? Ayurveda is not a system of medicine, rather…

It is the way of life

It is the air we breathe

It is the water we drink

It is the food we eat

It is the fire we use

It is the nature that gives us everything

It is recommended to all those who say that Ayurveda works slowly, that if you just get even 2% knowledge about Ayurveda, you will stop saying anything about it and will become a follower of Ayurveda as well as a great influencer. Ayurveda is the soul that stays forever, even when the body dies.

Ayurveda is in the nature, of the nature, from the nature, by the nature and for the nature. It is immortal and it is present for the people, when no one else.

We are all well known with its existence from the centuries, before the early man was born during the all "Yugs", Satyug, Tretayug, Dwapar Yug, and now Kalyug, it is here, and will remain till this universe exist. Generations will come and go, people will born and die, various system of medicines will start and end but Ayurveda, it will remain forever, it is that natural system of healing provided by the creator of the universe to heal the various problems of the living creatures on this earth, whether they know its importance or not.

Somewhere, we all know it well that such crisis, such pandemics arise time to time, as it is the way of the nature to balance itself. Otherwise, we humans, we ruin the nature and the natural resources in such a way that if nature will not interfere, the earth will come to an end. So, all there, Ayurveda is not something that we can explain or define through a single write-up, or a book or even a library, it is something to fell, to explore in every next thing we see, in every act we do, and in every moment we breathe.

So, let us understand this alarm of nature to us, let us heal with the nature and help it to heal and maintain its immortality forever, so that the earth can be a beautiful place to live today and tomorrow as well.

It is the time we can adopt the healing system that is continuing somewhere uninterruptedly irrespective of the chaos and rush in the society. Let us be aware of it, let us explore the nature and its benefits, to live in harmony with it.

Ayurveda will Stay Forever to Heal the Humanity

As, now, it is not just a saying but the truth prevailing around you that if you will not take care of the nature, it will do itself and at that time, you even can't do the things you wish to do. So, maintain your life and surroundings in such a manner that not only you, but the people around you, the society and all the creatures on this earth can live peacefully.

Let us spread Ayurveda, the natural healing that directly comes from the nature for its beloved creatures. So, what is the basic principle that Ayurveda teaches us all?

Eat Healthy!! Stay Healthy!!

If you maintain your Diet & Lifestyle, no disease can ever touch you.

So, it is the time people, start with the basics, it is never late to start. Make it happen, and lay a foundation of a disease free healthy life and environment for us, our family, the society and all the creatures on this earth. Let us be friends with nature, and the best thing is it never asks for anything, it only knows to give.

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