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Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) - Baheda Properties, Benefits, Uses, Dosage)

Bibhitaki, Bahera, Terminalia bellerica

Description of Plant Bibhitaki

Bibhitaki is a large deciduous tree found throughout India reaches height up to 30 meters. Trunk of the tree is straight with brownish grey color. Leaves are long, alternate, oval and are clustered towards the end of branches. These are 7-14cm in breadth and 10-12cm in length. Simple and solitary flowers are white or yellow in color with offensive odor. Baheda Flowers appear in the month of May. Upper part of plant is male and lower part is female. Baheda Fruits are grey colored drupes, ovoid in shape. Sweet kernels inside the hard covering of fruit are sweet in taste. Its fruit resembles to haritaki fruit but without ridges.

General Description of Bibhitaki

Bibhitaki is also called baheda, herb which makes the fellow fearless and this herb is one of the ingredients among triphala i.e Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalaki. This herb is very effective in the nourishment of dhatus of body and in pacification of tridosha. Fruit pulp is very effective in eye nourishment, hair growth and preventing hoarseness of voice. It also has mild sedative action and is also used in insomnia. This herb works wonderfully on all seven dhatus and gives miraculous results. This plant contains various chemical compounds such as sitosterol, egalic acid, galic acid, galloyl glucose, chebugalic acid, protein, oxalic acid, tannins, galactose, glucose, mannitol, fructose, chebulasic acid and ramnose.

Special Note about Bibhitaki

It helps to pacify all three dosha especially used for pacification of kapha dosha. Bibhitaki is very supportive for three essential tissues of body - rasa dhatu (plasma), mamsa dhatu (muscle) and asthi dhatu (bone).

Following terms are used for Bibhitaki:-

  • Rasayan - Rejuvenating in nature
  • Chakshushya - Herb beneficial for eyes
  • Keshya - Very beneficial for hair
  • Kanthya - Very effective for throat


Bibhitaki is large deciduous tree native to India and about 100 species are distributed throughout the world. It is found commonly in plains and lower hills of Southeast Asia. In India it is abundantly found in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra.


  • Kingdom - Plantae
  • Order - Myrtales
  • Family - Combretaceae

Bibhitaki Names

  • Bibhitaki in English - Baheda
  • Bibhitaki in Latin - Terminalia bellerica
  • Bibhitaki in Hindi - Baheda
  • Bibhitaki in Sanskrit - Vibhitak, Akshay, Karshfala, Kalidrum
  • Bibhitaki in Bengali - Bayada
  • Bibhitaki in Punjabi - Baheda
  • Bibhitaki in Telugu - Vadikaya
  • Bibhitaki in Dravidi - Tanikooya
  • Bibhitaki in Kannada - Tarekapi
  • Bibhitaki in Arabic - Balelaj
  • Bibhitaki in Persian - Talelah
  • Bibhitaki in Farsi - Baleel

Ayurvedic Properties of Bibhitaki

Hindi / Sanskrit English
Rasa Kshaya Taste Astringent
Guna Laghu, Ruksha Physical Property Light, Dry
Virya Ushna Potency Hot
Vipaka Madhur Metabolic Property (After Digestion) Sweet

Baheda Effects on Doshas

It balances Pitta and Kapha doshas.

Charak Samhita Sushrut Samhita and Vagbhata
  • Jawarhara - Herbs which Relieves fever.
  • Kasahara - Herbs which are good for cough and cold.
  • Virechnopaga – Herbs used in purgation therapy.
Mustadi group

Ancient Verse about Terminalia bellerica

Ancient verse about baheda - Terminalia bellerica

Aksh, karshfala, kalidrum, bhootvaas and kaliyugalya are various synonyms of this herb. It has astringent taste and after digestion it is sweet in taste, pacifies kapha and pitta dosha and possesses cooling effects and hot potency. Bibhitaki is used in purgation therapy, cough, eye and hair problems, worm infestation and voice hoarseness. Seed kernel is astringent in taste, narcotic, easy to digest and used to cure thirst. It is also used to pacify kapha and vata dosha and to induce purgation therapy.

Practical Uses of Terminalia bellerica

  • Terminalia bellerica is an herb of triphala. It is laxative in nature and used in the purgation therapy.
  • Fruit is anti-bacterial in nature and used to fight against various infections.
  • It is rejuvenating in nature and it is very beneficial for hair growth.
  • Bibhitaki is useful in hoarseness of voice, asthma, cough and common cold. It relieves blocked phlegm and bleeding in sputum.
  • Seed oil of paste of fruit is applied to swollen parts to get relief from inflammation. It is best used in rheumatism.
  • Seed oil of this herb is also beneficial for skin disorders and premature graying of hair. It also boosts up hair growth and helps to impart black color to hair.
  • Fruit paste is also applied on eyelids to cure conjunctivitis and it is also beneficial for various eye disorders such as myopia, corneal opacity, and cataract.
  • It also helps to cure loss of appetite, thirst, bloating, flatulence, piles and various worm infestations. Decoction of seed kernels is used in vomiting and excessive thirst.
  • Ripen fruit of this plant is astringent and is anti-diarrheal in action.
  • It is aphrodisiac, prevents ageing and used to enhance immunity to fight against various diseases.
  • This herb is also beneficial in blood pressure and helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Bark of this tree is used for chest pain and heart diseases.
  • Bibhitaki used for mouthwash and gargles.
  • It gives effective result in dysuria.
  • The herb is beneficial for lungs and disorders associated with lungs
  • It is used to pacify pitta and kapha dosha.


Powder - 3-6gm

Parts Used

  • Fruit rind
  • Seeds
  • Seed kernels

Planet Ayurveda's Products which Contain this Herb as an Ingredient

1. Bibhitaki Powder

Bibhitaki Powder is an effective Ayurvedic formulation in a powder form to relieve respiratory disorders as it balances all the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) specially kapha dosha is maintained by this powder. As kapha helps to maintain body health and throat health. This herb keep the system warm and light. The herb is astringent & sweet in nature. Bibhitaki has anti-asthmatic, anti-spasmodic, anti-tussive and expectorant properties in it.

2. Aarogyavardhini vati

Planet Ayurveda is a popular name known very well for its highly authentic supplements which are widely used by people all over the world. Planet Ayurveda's Arogayavardhni vati is based on a classical formulation mentioned in the ancient texts of Ayurveda as previously stated in the article. It is a good herbal product to try out for supporting health and wellbeing. Planet Ayurveda's Arogayavardhni vati is a 100 % natural product. It does not contain any additives, dyes, binders, starch, preservatives, colors, yeast or fillers. Arogayavardhni vati serves as a great natural supplement that contain Bibhitaki. It can be taken as a good dietary supplement to support a healthy living.

3. Navakarshik Churna

Navkarshik Churna is a classical Ayurvedic formulation dating back to 1100 AD. A famous formulation from 'Chakradatt Samhita' particularly recommended in Gouty arthritis. Especially when the uric acid is very high and the toe joint is very much involved. It is also effective in other type of arthritis as it relieves 'Vata' and removes the toxins from within the body. These herbs act together in a synergistic manner and are effective in swollen, painful joints. It contains Triphala (Amalaki, Bibhitaki & Haritaki) which removes toxins from the body and useful in every other disease. Neem, Katuki, Manjistha purifies the blood and corrects the metabolism of 'Pitta' and heat regulation in our body. Giloy is immunomodulator and improves immunity whereas Daruhaldi acts as an anti-inflammatory herb.

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