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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Sangrur, Punjab | Case Study #41

Kamaljit Singh, a Cut surd who had Ulcerative Colitis

Kamaljit Singh is a clean - shaven; hair cut Sardar (cut surd) who is a native of Sangrur a district of Punjab, the land of five rivers in India. Sangrur land is so fertile that every year it produces the maximum grains among all the districts of Punjab. Basically he is in his mid 30's and was abruptly stung by this horrible disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC). This disease can happen to anyone at anytime due to various factors like lifestyle changes, packaged foods, changing eating habits, spices, alcohol and many more. Initially like everybody else he had the loose motions that were curbed after a local pill intake only.

After a few days these flared up with more severity. Earlier these had a frequency of 4, 5 times a day, this time they were 7, 8 times a day and he had the same pill that has no effect this time. He became scared and visited a local doctor, but Sangrur has never had the medical facilities like the other districts of Punjab. The doctor just gave him the medicine for loose stools and pocketed his fees. But this medicine enhanced the symptoms. He panicked as rectal bleeding started, and some friends of his asked him to visit a place that has better medical facilities like Ludhiana or Patiala.

He choose Ludhiana that has 3 famous medical colleges and went to see the doctor. On some medical advice he took his stool sample along with him. He gave them for testing and the doctor after observing his condition sensed that he might be suffering from UC and asked him to go for a colonoscopy test and come to him after he gets the report of his test. He spent 3, 4 days at Ludhiana as one of his relatives lived there. After 3, 4 days the doctor called him and told him about the disease he was suffering from.

He was stunned to hear its name as he never ever heard of this kind of disease, "What is that? From where do I find a cure or I require undergoing surgery or something like that?" The doctor remained calm and said sounding convincible, "It a chronic disease that remain in the body for a longer time, for how long nobody knows but in some cases it can be eradicated in a week or fortnight." "Do what you have to do as I feel embarrassed to venture out from my house, never know when the pressure builds up and make me rush to the toilet, prescribe me the medicines that withers away this disease quickly," he requested the doctor. The doctor prescribed some medicines and asked him to see what kind of effects of these medicines come on his body.

He promised to call after a week and did so after a fortnight and was in a fit of rage as no medicine brought relief. He called the doctor and said, "What's this whimsical kind of medicine you have given me that is showing no relief from yesterday, I have diarrhea issue too. Either you change the medicine or I am going to change my doctor," he sounded as if he was losing his temper, The doctor remained calm and said, "Didn't I say that this disease takes a long time to vanish. You have just suffered for a few weeks whereas such diseases take months to get fully cured, I am changing your medicines," and he changed some of them.

But his symptoms kept enhancing, mucus also began accompanying blood, he was infected by dysentery and was losing the weight. He tried the other medical college at Ludhiana but the result remain same, nothing effective. One of his friends suggested finding a cure on the net or YouTube in some other medical field like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupressure or something like them. He tried finding it for continuous 3, 4 days and was stuck at a particular video of a patient of UC getting the cure from some Planet Ayurveda. He didn't know where it's located and searched Facebook and got the answer. It was situated at Mohali, mere 120kms from his native place. But first he wanted to be sure about it and checked its authenticity by watching more videos of Planet Ayurveda healed patients. After watching many where all seemed real & genuine and none looked fake; he knew the veracity of this Planet Ayurveda.

By now the Planet Ayurveda has made a solid name in the Ayurvedic world as it looks at the quality rather than quantity. It makes all medicines from the extracts of organically or naturally grown herbs. First they check their veracity in a modern lab; any fault found in any herb, it is shunned right away without hearing any excuses. A highly qualified, talented, renowned and reputed pair of Ayurvedic doctors run the clinic here, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. These are the reasons behind Planet Ayurveda's success, which is gaining popularity at an exceeding pace. It is outperforming the others even in Ayurvedic fields.

In July 2017 he reached the place at 9:30am sharp and found many people already been waiting and was impressed with it. He had a gut feeling that this time he has reached a divine center that will heal his fierce disease. He also sat along with others in the AC lounge of the clinic and waited for his turn. He got his turn at 2:30pm and rushed to the doctor's room in a hurried manner. The doctor asked him to be patient and he was almost sobbing and fearing that he might lose his life as he was suffering from the last 4 years, but the doctors cheered him up after scanning his reports, "This time you have reached the right place and relax. We definitely will eradicate it, just feel relaxed. Here is a list of diet you have to eat and avoid and just take a pack of Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and strictly follow these 2 and you will definitely become normal." He was looking at the doctors with admirable looks.

He reached the pharmacy that was just outside the doctor's room and left after buying them. The doctor had asked him to call him and tell the effects after every month, but he did call after a fortnight and was seem to be floating in the air as he said that diarrhea, dysentery, the pain have totally vanished and bleeding and stools have also reduced. The doctor continued the same medicine for the next month as well but the bleeding didn't stop completely even after 2 months. The doctor called him back and changed his medicines a little bit and after 4 months he is 100% fine.

Watch the Video of This Patient

He was all praises for the doctor for healing his 4 year old problem within 4 months and says that it is a kind of re-birth for him and he felt the sun shining on the backside of Planet Ayurveda.

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