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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Rohtak, Haryana | Case Study #42

Manvir, a Jaat from Haryana that couldn't detect cure for Ulcerative Colitis

Manvir is a citizen of Rohtak, actually he lives in a village near Rohtak, which is famous for having the great medical colleges. Manvir used to be socially active and eat a lot of outside food until he was ambushed by Ulcerative Colitis (UC). Initially he suffered from lose motions about 5, 6 times a day. He went to a local pharmacy and took an over the counter pill and his stools subsided. He forgot all about them but these flared up again after a few days and the same pill proved to be ineffective, this time the lose motions were a little severe around 7, 8 times a day. He visited the famous medical college that is situated in the city premises and the doctor did his colonoscopy test that confirmed that he was suffering from UC.

He never knew what went wrong that he was suffering from this horrible disease. He went to the head of the department and inquired, "You don't have a medicine that can cure me quickly as I am quite active socially. I feel embarrassed to visit the toilet time & again." The doctor frowned a bit and said, "Look Mr. Manvir, this disease stays for a little longer and cannot be eradicated that easily. And in some cases the patients have to take medicines for their life time but sometimes it gets eliminated very soon. You don't worry I'll prescribe the medicines that will minimize your disease quickly, but remember one thing, these medicines contain a certain amount of steroids in them, might cause some side effects, but these are the ones that will make your disease vanish."

Manvir didn't have a choice so he took all the medicines and began taking them. In the initial days the symptoms reduced, almost came to the minimum and he consulted the doctor who said that he can stop taking the dosage. He stopped and all symptoms flared up once again, this time bleeding also accompanied the loose stools. He panicked and the doctor changed his medicines. The symptoms again reduced, but this time he was taking no risk and kept having the medicines unless the dosage was completed. He remained normal for a few days and he began thinking that this nightmare is over.

But the fact is these symptoms flared up once again and he found himself back to square one. This time he felt a little pain in his limbs. Were they losing the strength? He felt lots of gas accumulating in his gut area. He felt an expanded stomach as it made him look horrible, reducing his physical personality. He was totally confused as what to do? He consulted his doctor who said that he has to continue taking these medicines for as long as he lives. But he was a man who never say die and kept searching for some sort of cure in other medical lines like Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Acupressure on the net.

One day while watching a video he saw a man who had suffered from UC finding a cure for his disease after 3 years. He was impressed by the way that man talked and was urging everybody who suffers from UC to come straight to Planet Ayurveda and consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan as only he has the cure. He showed the video to his parents who wanted to check the authenticity of this particular clinic. He showed them many more videos where all the patients said to have a cure the Ayurvedic way and said they are totally normal now. None of them seemed to be doing it forcefully as everybody was grinning from ear to ear. They all looked genuine. So his parents encouraged him to go for it.

By now Planet Ayurveda has proved its value to hundreds of patients coming with different diseases and find a cure in a natural & humble way without any surgery. This clinic belongs to and is managed by a highly qualified, reputed, talented and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. All the medicines are made in their premises from the authentic extract of various herbs, which are first checked in a technically sound lab. If any herb is found not natural or organic; the whole quota gets rejected without hearing any excuses. Planet Ayurveda relies more on quality rather than quantity. This is the reason why it is flourishing at a hectic pace globally and its distributors are also rising in number.

He took out his mobile and after finding their landline number dialed it. He was greeted by a sweetly speaking lady, who assured him that they did have a remedy to cure his UC. She also asked him to bring in all the lab reports and clinic slips that are connected to his UC and gave him the appointment and told him that the clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctors served the patients on first come first serve basis.

After a few days he came to the HQ of Planet Ayurveda and was impressed seeing a huge rush of patients at the green clinic at Mohali (a sub-town of Chandigarh). They were all waiting for their respective turns in the AC lounge of the clinic. He sat along with them and waited for his turn that came around 2pm. A person called his name and he was ushered into the doctor's room. After the initial greetings he sat down and showed the doctors his own reports. The doctor scanned them keenly and began asking his own history that he narrated honestly. After that the doctor handed him a sheet of paper. Many foods were mentioned on what to eat & what to avoid eating. The doctor said, "Look Mr. Manvir you need to follow this diet chart strictly and take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and take its prescription as I have mentioned in your slip," and handed him a slip, which he read carefully.

He asked the doctor, "Sir for how long do I have to take this medicine?" "Not for too long, but this disease can run away in a month or linger on for some months. But you don't worry as this remedy doesn't carry any side effects and will not exceed more than 8 months, and keep reporting me the circumstances every month," concluding this he bid him goodbye. He came to the pharmacy room, bought his care pack and left for Rohtak.

After a month he called back and the way he spoke explained everything. Actually he was chuckling and felt elated and said, "Sir all the pain & gas seem to have vanished from the scene, so has the bleeding, the energy that has been leaking from my body seems to be coming back and the frequency of these stools have also reduced." The doctor asked him to continue having the same medicine for another month, which he ordered online.

Watch the Video of This Patient

After 4 months he again came to Planet Ayurveda feeling delightful and was feeling ducky after those 4 months of medicines of Planet Ayurveda as he was 100% normal now and the doctor had stopped giving any more medicines. Even he wanted to shoot a video with YouTube to spread the awareness about UC, The cure of it; is with Planet Ayurveda only.

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