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Madhookasavam is an Ayurvedic liquid formulation which contains 5 to 10 % self-generated alcohol in it. This formulation is highly useful in the treatment of digestive ailments, malabsorption, skin problems and diabetes.


  1. Madhuka (Madhuca Longifolia) – 10.24 kg
  2. Vidang (Embelia Ribs) – 5.12 kg
  3. Chitraka moola (Plumbago Zeylanica) - 2.56 kg
  4. Shudh bhallataka (Semecarpus Anacardium) - 2.56 kg
  5. Manijishta (Rubia Cordifolia) - 320 gm


  1. Madhu (Honey) - 1.2 kg
  2. Ela - 10 gm
  3. Kamal Nal - 10 gm
  4. Agru - 10 gm
  5. Chandan - 10 gm
  6. Water - 30. 72 kg


  1. Madhuka (Madhuca longifolia) - Madhuka is madhura (sweet) and kashaya (pungent) in taste. This medicinal herb is used in treating skin diseases. The flowers of this herb are boiled in milk and consumed to treat general debility and problems related to nervous system. The decoction of this herb is useful in treating irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhoea.
  2. Vidang (Embelia ribs) - Vidanga has antiparasitic properties that’s why this herb is very beneficial in the treatment of intestinal worm infestations and even parasitic lesions of the skin. This herb also acts as a blood purifier hence used in the treatment of skin diseases.
  3. Chitrakmoola (Plumbago zeylanica) - Chitraka acts as astringent and digests the toxin hence it is very useful in digestive problems like bloating, indigestion, etc. This herb is beneficial to eradicate morbid materials from the body hence beneficial in all the metabolic disorders.
  4. Shudh Bhallataka (Semecarpus anacardium) - This herb is a most powerful and fast acting herb in Ayurveda, being a hot potency herb it is used after proper purification. It is katu (bitter) and kashya (astringent) in taste. It improves digestive power and relieves constipation. It acts as a Medhya (brain tonic) as well. This herb is used in treating skin diseases, piles, fever and worm infestation.
  5. Manijishta (Rubia cordifolia) - This herb balances Pitta dosha in body because it acts as a blood purifier as well. Due to its bitter taste it pacifies aggravated pitta and contributes healthy skin tone. It has a calming effect on nervous system. It kindles the digestive fire and aids digestion. It is also useful in urinary tract disorders. It controls uterine contractions and regulates menstrual flow.


Prakshepak dravya are used to enhance taste and fragrance of any ayurvedic formulation.

  1. Honey (Madhu) - Due to its anti-bacterial activity it is useful in wound healing. It is used in indigestion and acidity. It is best known effective cough remedy. Honey is added to this asavm to enhance its taste and fragrance.
  2. Elayachi (Cardamom) - Cardamom is used to treat various stomach ailments and dental problems. This spice is mainly used as a mouth freshener. Elayachi is added to madhookasavam to add flavours.
  3. Kamal Nal (Lotus stem) - Lotus stem is high in dietary fibers which helps to boost digestion. It cures constipation by secreting gastric juices and by stimulating intestinal movements for a smooth bowel.
  4. Agru (Aquillaria agalocha) - Agru is bitter in taste hence it is very useful in skin diseases.  
  5. Chandan - (Santalum album) - Sandalwood has a soothing and calming effect on the brain and skin. Chandan is used in madhukasavam to enhance fragrance of this asavam and aids digestion.


All above mentioned ingredients with specific quantity are taken in powder form and decoction is made with 3 drona of water. When water is reduced to 1 drona; the decoction is cooled down and filtered. After that prakeshapa dravya (honey, cardamom, lotus stem, agru and chandan) should be added to this decoction and mixed well. The vessel is sealed properly and kept in a room for one month. During this period, this formulation undergoes fermentation and after one month asavam is ready.


Madhookasavam is mainly used in digestive diseases such as indigestion, anorexia and constipation. This asvam is also beneficial in, mal absorption syndrome, IBS, skin diseases, and diabetes.


  • This herbal formulation boosts appetite and provides nourishment to the body.
  • Due to its cool potency it is useful in pitta and rakta vikar (bleeding disorders).
  • This remedy is useful in mal absorption syndrome as it provides nourishment to the body. Malabsorption syndrome is a condition in which absorption of nutrients’ is decreased which leads to easy tiredness and dry skin. This remedy increases the absorption of nutrients and maintains good health.
  • Madhookasavam is used in diabetes also to maintain glucose level in the body.
Shloka of Madhookasavam

Reference - Sahasrayogam - Ashva Yoga Prakaranam - Chapter 20

Dose - 20ml to 40ml Once or Twice Daily As Advised By Physician.

Anupana - Equal Quantity of Water.

Manufacturers - Arya Vaidya Pharmacy


  • Better to avoid in pregnancy and lactating mothers but can be used under doctor’s guidelines.
  • It is not suitable for children.
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