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Manmatha Rasa

Reference - Ayurveda Sara Sangraha, 17 edition, 345 – 346.


Manmatha Rasa is an ayurvedic formulation that is known to prepare from the mixture of herbs and minerals. This formulation is used to treat problems related with sex health and lungs.


  • Suddha parad (Purified and processed Mercury) – 48 grams
  • Suddha Gandhak (Purified and processed Sulphur) – 48 grams
  • Abhraka bhsama (Purified and processed Silica) - 24 grams
  • Suddha karpoora (Cinnamomum camphora) – 12 grams
  • Vanga bhsama (tin) - 12 grams
  • Tamra bhsama (Purified and Processed Copper) –3 grams
  • Loha bhsama (Purified and processed Iron) – 12 grams

3 grams each of the following:-

  • Vidharamool (Argyreia speciosa)
  • Jeera (Cuminum cyminum)
  • Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa)
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)
  • Talmkhana (Hygrophila spinosa)
  • Balamool (Sida cordifolia)
  • Kaunch ke beej (Mucuna pruriens's seeds)
  • Ativisha (Aconitum heterophyllum)
  • Javitri (Myristica fragrans's fruit rind)
  • Jaiphal (Myristica fragrans's fruit)
  • Laung (Syzygium aromaticum)
  • Bhang ke beej (Cannabis sativa)
  • Raal safed (Vateria indica)
  • Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi)

Method of Preparation

  • Took all the herbs in given quantities and do the process of stirring by adding water in the mixture of ingredients.
  • After proper stirring, took the paste up to 250 mg and made their pills.

Medicinal Properties

Manmath Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine available in the tablet form. This medicine balances the vata doshas. Natural ingredients and herbs used in the formulation of this medicine possess the aphrodisiac properties. This medicine is used to manage the various males and female sexual health issues. Aphrodisiac action of this medicine improves the libido and enhances sexual desire. It is considered as an effective medicine to resolve the various male problems like debility, weakness, fatigue, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, etc. It helps to increase the sexual vigor, stamina and energy in the body. Moreover this medicine enhances sperm production and also improves the quality of sperms. Moreover it is a good medicine to manage the various female problems like infertility, leucorrhea etc. It helps to maintain the good health of reproductive system and also balances the hormones in female's body. In the problem of leucorrhea, this medicine helps to manage the problems like excessive vaginal discharge, inflammation, redness of genital parts etc.


  • Infertility
  • Impotency
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Physical strength
  • Blood deficiency
  • Weak Uterus
  • Pulmonary embolism


One pill two times a day with cow's milk.


  • Dizziness and tremors due to over dose.
  • Avoid in pregnancy and lactation.
  • Take the medicine under doctor's prescription.
Note:- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.
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