Nimbadi Thailam (Oil) is an Ayurvedic oil that is useful for hair that can treat dandruff.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation

  • Nimba (Azadirachta indica) oil – 1920 gm
  • Hartal (Yellow Arsenic) – 24 gm.
  • Manshil (Sulphide of Arsenic) – 24gm.
  • Chameli (Jasminum grandiflorum) – Leaves -
  • Majith (Rubia cordifolia) – 60 gm.
  • Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) - 60 gm.
  • Bhilawa (Semecarpus anacardium) - 60 gm.
  • Agar (Aquilaria agalloch) - 60 gm.
  • Chandan (Santalum album Linn) - 60 gm.
  • Elachi (Cardamom) (Elettaria Cardamomum) - 60 gm.

Take all the above ingredient as per the given amount and prepare their paste.

  • Tila taila (Sesame) oil

Then mix this paste in sesame oil and then add butter milk to it, and prepare oil.

How to Use?

When required heat to make the oil warm. Then take this oil on fingers tips and rub it on the scalp and cover all the root of the hair. To get maximum benefits keep it for an hour before head wash.

Therapeutic Uses

  • Nimbadi Thailam (Oil) is an efficient anti-dandruff oil for hair.
  • It is even useful in hair conditions like scalp psoriasis, seborrhic dermatitis.
  • It also helpful in controlling hair fall.
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