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Metformin Side Effects & Safe Alternatives Of Metformin In Ayurveda Abstract The world is full of surprises and the most hilarious surprise we humans are getting is in the form of Diseases. Everyday, in a circle of 10, at least one is diagnosed with a health condition. Some health conditions have become so common that they don’t even seem like a danger. It’s like “one day it will happen to all of us”, but to be honest it is not

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Rybelsus / Semaglutide

Rybelsus Side Effects & Safe Alternatives Of Rybelsus In Ayurveda Abstract Rybelsus tablet (semaglutide) is useful for adults with diabetes Mellitus which controls the blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a prevalent condition which affects all age groups. Diabetes develops when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, which results in excessively high blood sugar levels. Glucose is mainly coming from carbohydrates which are used as body energy. Glucose serves as a key to letting you get to your goal when

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Nodosis Side Effects & Safe Alternatives Of Nodosis In Ayurveda Abstract Nodosis is a group of medicines which are an alkalinising agent which is helpful in balancing the acid-alkaline balance in the body. When the kidney is healthy they keep the levels of bicarbonate in balance, but a low level of bicarbonate causes kidney disease to get worse. Chronic Kidney disease means that kidney function can get worse over time, High blood pressure and diabetes are the two main causes

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Azoran / Azathioprine

Azathioprine Side Effects & Safe Alternatives Of Azathioprine In Ayurveda Abstract Azoran comes under the brand Imuran which is an immunosuppressive medication. It comes in two forms- An oral tablet and an injectable solution. It is helpful in treating various autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Ulcerative colitis and Immune thrombocytopenia. It comes under the class of immunosuppressants which is useful in reducing pain and inflammation. Azoran tablets contain Azathioprine which decreases the function of the cells and causes inflammation

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Mesalamine / Mesalazine

Mesalamine Side Effects & Safe Alternatives Of Mesalamine In Ayurveda Abstract Mesalamine is useful in treating bowel diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis. It commonly belongs to the class of drugs known as Aminosalicylates. Mesalazine or 5-aminosalicylic acid generally treats mild to moderately severe disease. It is taken orally and rectally. It is used to treat inflammatory bowel disease which includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It works by inhibiting the production of certain substances such as prostaglandins which reduces inflammation.

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Being Overweight : A Concern For Many

Being Overweight : A Concern For Many Has your bulk ever been responsible for your feeling of dissatisfaction and uneasiness in your own skin? Do you ever find it damaging to your self- esteem when you look at yourself in the mirror? The sight of a weighing scale instils fear upon you? Do you find yourself in situations where you can’t relish your favourite food or take pleasure in a piece of cake or pass on that treasured pair of

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Diet For Women During Post – Natal Care

Diet For Women During Post – Natal Care & Herbal Formulations To Get Back in Shape The most blissful moment for a woman is pregnancy. The anticipation… fear… caution… restraint… a thrilling ride on the emotional roller coaster…!!The anticipation of what is to come, the unknown gender, constant fear of the fetal well being, caution to make it through full term without any trauma, restraining her desires, be it her favorite coffee or the stress relieving cigarette…the list is endless.

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Soothe This Winter With Ayurveda

Soothe This Winter With Ayurveda It’s that span of the year again. After the brisk vibrancy of spring, pursuant continuity of monsoons, mellow gentleness of the autumn, it’s the time for the quiet stale winter. According to Ayurveda, the year is divided into a span of 6 seasons, starting with Sisira the late winters to Hemanta the early winters. The early winters start from mid-November and follow into late winters by mid-January. As the days shrink the cold stretches out.

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Ayurvedic Diet And Lifestyle For Autumn Season

Ayurvedic Diet And Lifestyle For Autumn Season We know it’s fall when the sultry heat of summer is stolen by that gentle caress of the autumn season, embracing us with its calm brush of the breeze, lazes doings of wild creatures and humans everywhere. We know fall is a picturesque season of mist, fallen leaves, the environment all dressed in hues of red and orange, reminiscing summer marked with lush green splashed around, complemented with the lengthened nights and shortened

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Summer’s Calling! Get Ready With Ayurveda

Summer’s Calling! Get Ready With Ayurveda Summer might always get you your leisure days. This must be a season for your lake side brunch picnic or a pool party! You might be busy spending your summer vacations enjoying sunset on the beach, having fun in the sand and munching chilled snacks. Also, summer time is the time for cool colorful drinks or ice-creams. This might be the season which makes you feel like you are getting energy drained as well,

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Be A Survivor Not A Victim!!

Be A Survivor Not A Victim!! There’s nothing we can say is remotely heroic with gaining recovery from a disease. It’s not a heroic experience but rather a suffering. Coping up with any diseased state can bring out a mind, depressed and a body that has failed. The whole thing sucks. We know that. Especially if what we are fighting is something like cancer. From identifying the symptoms, to the diagnosis, and to the treatment and in cases of hopeful

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Why Retinol Can Be Your Skin’s Best Friend?

Why Retinol Can Be Your Skin’s Best Friend? Its Benefits, Side Effects & Natural Alternatives Your skin is a part of your outer self and definitely it always deserves to be loved! After all, self-love is said to be the best love. Also keeping your skin glowing and young doesn’t buy you any regrets, right? But either your busy schedule or lack of patience might end you up in not serving your skin right. If so, an easy to use

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