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How to Treat Urinary Tract Infection without Medication ?

It is an infection that is worst, it pains when a person urinates, and you don't feel like having anything to drink. Deficiency of water is inevitable; dehydration has to happen, making you very prone to be attacked by numerous bacteria, causing many diseases. Urinary tract infection (UTI) spreads to your kidneys, bladder and urethra. In UTI the most usual method is that bacteria come from the bowels, it is accompanied by virus and fungus alongside. 80% of cases have Staphylococcus saprophyticus and Escherichia coli strains of bacteria.

Home Remedies for UTI

Female species are more prone to this disease as their urethra is shorter than males, making bacteria to slide in easily. 50% of ladies do get infected at some part of their life. Some of its symptoms are like a burning sensation during peeing, cloudy or dark colored urine, some of the urine remains saturated in bladder, frequent urination, pelvic pain, and urine has a strong & bad odor.

Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

There are various ways to protect ourselves from this ailment; we'll discuss some of them with you:

1. Drink Lots of Liquids

Drink plenty of water and nutritious drinks that help in keeping you healthy and liquid drinks create more urine that chases out all the toxins from the body, making you infection free. Don't go for drinks that carry alcoholic beverages, when taken in excess, these will just damage the liver. These are fine if taken in a limiting, but when we Indians begin drinking, no one sees a limit. More than 2 lakh deaths were reported in 2017, because of liver trouble. Go for some healthy drinks and drive away the bacteria via urine.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Vitamin C is an arch rival of the bacteria causing UTI. It is available in a number of vegetables and fruits like red peppers, kiwi fruit, grapefruit, and oranges. Eating these can increase your vitamin C proficiency; you get help in destroying the bacteria. It destroys the acidity of urine, thus the bacteria perishes. During pregnancy taking 100 milligrams of vitamin C becomes mandatory, to avoid any infection. It becomes their spouse's duty to bring in all these fruits and vegetables for them. All these should be authentically organic.

3. Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

It is a well known fact that to avoid getting infected, cranberry juice is powered enough to deal with the infection solely. It doesn't allow bacteria to adhere to the walls of the bladder. It blocks its way. Pregnant ladies who are more prone to getting infected have to drink 240ml of cranberry juice daily. It prevents bacteria from arriving and striking again. It has an ingredient called proanthocyanidins, which helps in terminating the infection completely. Cranberry juice shouldn't carry any artificial recipes along; otherwise it may lose its charm.

4. Garlic

It prevents you from dozens of diseases, because of the presence of allicin, which remains active the moment you crush a fresh garlic. It also has a number of antimicrobial activities that help terminate the bacteria, causing infection. Allicin, totally functions to eradicate the large range of bacteria, even drug resistant of E. coli are worn out. It has anti-fungal features that combat with candida albicans, which arouse infection.

5. Urinate Frequently

If you hold your urine for long, the bacteria in it multiply manifold. It keeps sticking to the walls of the bladder and helps infection grow and reaches your urethra, creating urinary tract infection. So you should urinate more often and throw out the bacteria along with your urine. Don't give it a chance to hang around in your body. One should always urinate after a bout of sex is over.

6. Remain Clean and Dry

A person should always remain clean, as dirtiness always invites the bacteria to accumulate and cause infection. It's better to stay dry, especially after any bowel movement, females need to wipe from back to the front. Rub the towel in an aggressive way, after having a bath. Thus the bacteria will not enter their urethra. Wear loose clothes and a cotton underwear, which soaks the wetness. The air passing through losing clothes will keep the urethra dry, especially when they get pregnant. Wearing nylon panties will trap the moisture, making bacteria flourish.

7. Use Clove Oil

Urinary tract infection can make you feel the pain and it doesn't go away quickly, the way you wish it to disappear. A nail of clove essential oil can make you bear the pain, as it has an ingredient called eugenol, which is an ardent enemy of the bacteria. It completely eradicates it and flushes it out of the body. You also might suffer from abdominal pain, it is too seething. You seem to do nothing about it, but wish it to disappear. Clove oil reduces it by destroying the bacteria and relieving you from UTI. It is a bladder bomb that cleans it in an amazing way.

8. Tea Tree Oil

This oil has anti-bacterial features, it makes the bacteria vaporize, if applied on it directly. Never drink it through the mouth, it can be hazardous. It is easier for the males and a little difficult for the females as it can't be inserted in their vagina. Tea tree oil blocks the way of bacteria of E. coli, mostly it is the one that spreads infection. Tea tree oil does have the efficacy to flush this bacteria out.

9. Baking Soda

This home remedy is present in all the kitchens and can be used to remove UTI, its basic job is to reduce acidity of your urine. It helps in lowering your pain and create an environment which is not good for bacteria to linger on. All you have to do is mix its 2 or 3 spoons of powder with plain water. Just drink it for a few days and you can feel your pain depleting very soon.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

It is rich in having enzymes, potassium and many more compounds that helps in evaporating bacteria from your body. It doesn't allow it to grow or spread. It is a natural anti-biotic. Mix it in a huge glass of filtered water and drink it twice a day. You will feel its effects in a few days. You can add honey to it, to sweeten it according to your taste.

These are some of the natural remedies to treat UTI and its creepy pain. If your UTI is in the initial stages, it will get cured within 2 or 3 days, but if it is still persisting, it will be better to take the advice of some expert health provider.

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