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Udrari Rasa

Reference - Bhaishajya-Ratnavali Udarogadhikar 739/91-92


Udrari rasa is an Ayurvedic formulation. The ingredients in this are effective in digestive problems. They have digestive properties.


  1. Pippali Churna - 1 Part
  2. Shuddha Jaiphal - 1 Part
  3. Ras Sindoor - 1 Part
  4. Shuddha Tutha - 1 Part
  5. Amaltas (Cassia fistula) - 1 Part

Description of Main Ingredients

  • Pippali Churna - Pippali is known as Piper longum. This herb is very effective in diarrhea, indigestion and other gastric ailments. It pacifies Vata and Kapha. Thus promoting the digestive fire by enhancing the gastric secretions.
  • Shuddha Jaiphal (Myristica fragrans) - It promotes digestive fire. It pacifies kapha and vata dosha. This is effective in relieving pain, reduces inflammation and is useful in abdominal problems.
  • Ras Sindoor - Ras sindoor is an Ayurvedic medicine. It is used in Ayurveda to improve immunity, useful in digestion and promotes body’s immunity and strength.

Method of Preparation

  • Take all the above drugs in equal quantity (1 part each).
  • Properly mixed all the ingredients in a kharal yantra and give snuhi ksheera (extracts of Euphorbia nerifolia) bhavna.
  • Make ½ rati tablets (62 mg) and let them dry.
  • Kept these tablets in a glass container.

Medicinal Properties

Udrari rasa is a herbo-mineral composition. The ingredients in this formulation have digestive properties. They digest the Aama which is an endotoxin in our gut. Amaltas have purgative properties also. These all are helpful in ascitic problems.


  • Ascitis (Specially in females)
  • Indigestion
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation


1 tablet twice a day with extracts of Imli (Tamarindus indica).


  • Take under medical supervision.
  • Avoid in pregnancy.
Note:- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.
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