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Ayurvedic Treatment For Artery Blockages With Herbal Remedies


Arterial Blockages are commonly known as Atherosclerosis which is the build-up of fibrous material inside the arteries. Arteries are blood vessels which distribute the oxygen-rich blood to the whole body. Arteries are tube-like vessels which provide tissues with oxygen and nutrients to function properly. There are two types of Arteries which have different functions: the Elastic artery (which gets blood from the heart before passing to the arteries) and the Muscular (when blood is moving to body tissues). Arteries usually get messages from the central nervous system and are helpful in keeping blood pressure steady. The Pulmonary Artery is the artery which carries deoxygenated blood and takes it from your heart to the lungs. The aorta is the largest artery which is 10 mm to 25 mm in diameter and the smallest arteriole is .30 mm to .01 mm in diameter. In This Article, we will discuss various Causes, Symptoms and Ayurvedic Concepts in detail.

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Atherosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries which builds the plaque around the arteries. Plaque (Atheroma) is a sticky substance made of Fat, Cholesterol and Calcium which causes the hardening of the arteries. T leads to the Narrowing of the artery which blocks blood flow. It is a slow, progressive disease which begins in childhood and can progress rapidly.


The Exact cause of this disease is unknown as it damages the inner lining of the artery and the various causes are-

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Resistance of Insulin
  • Obesity
  • Various Inflammatory diseases such as Lupus, Inflammatory bowel disease and Psoriasis
  • High levels of Triglycerides and Cholesterol
  • Damage to the inner lining of the artery (Endothelium)

Stages Of Atherosclerosis

  1. Endothelial Damage and Various Immune Responses - The blocked arteries begin with the damage to the endothelial. This damage is due to High LDL Cholesterol and toxins from tobacco products. These cells lead to inflammation within the artery.
  2. Plaque Growth - It is dead cells and various debris which continue to build up and these fatty streaks continue to build up and form a larger plaque. When there is a growth of Plague it narrows the lumen of the artery which causes less flow of blood.
  3. Plaque Causes Rupture - The blood Clot formed in the artery is due to Plaque Erosion. This rupture happens when the plaque breaks and endothelial cells get worn away. Further, this clot blocks the flow of blood which leads to Heart Attack and Stroke.


  • Sudden numbness
  • Weakness in your arms or legs,
  • Difficulty speaking or slurred speech,
  • Temporary loss of vision in one eye,
  • Drooping muscles in your face

Some Major Diseases Occurred Due To Atherosclerosis

When the artery gets blocked more than 70% then there are some associated problems along with this symptom as listed below-

  1. Coronary Artery Disease
    • Stable Angina
    • Dyspnea
    • Heart Attack (the first symptom)
  2. Heart Attack
    • Angina
    • Fatigue
    • Palpitation of Heart
    • Pain in the Back, Shoulder and Arms region
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Feeling Dizzy
    • Indigestion
  3. Mesenteric Ischemia
    • Cramping and Pain in the abdomen region
    • Diarrhoea
    • Nausea and Vomiting
    • Weight loss
  4. Peripheral Artery Disease (Pad)
    • Intermittent Claudication - Pain and cramping of the leg
    • Changes in the colour of the Skin
    • Burning and Aching pain in feet
    • Sores on the feet
    • Skin Infection which is seen in legs and feet
  5. Renal Artery Stenosis
    • Swelling
    • Feeling drowsy
    • Skin becomes dry, itchy and numb
    • Unexplained Weight Loss
    • Loss of Appetite
    • Headache
  6. Transient Ischemic Attack
    • Dizziness
    • Severe Headache
    • Slurred Speech
    • Vision loss in one part of the eye
    • Dropping one side of the face
  7. Carotid Artery Disease
    • The first symptoms are TIA or Stroke.


  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • Doppler Sonography
  • Blood pressure Comparison
  • CT (Computerised tomography)
  • Chest X-ray
  • Echocardiogram
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Angiogram
  • MRI or PET scanning


  1. Lifestyle - It may lower the risk of getting Complications and the general tips are as follows-
    • Avoid all tobacco and Caffeine products
    • Do daily exercise
    • Have a healthy diet plan
  2. Medication - It is the build-up of plaque which slows down the progression of Atherosclerosis and the medications are as follows-
    • To lower the Blood Pressure
    • Lower the cholesterol
    • Manages the blood sugar level
    • Prevents blood clots
  3. Various Procedures -
    • Angioplasty
    • Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
    • Stent Placement
    • Vascular disease Bypass
    • Carotid Endarterectomy

Ayurvedic Concept

  • In Ayurveda, Dhamani Pratichaya in Ayurvedic Texts. This condition is due to vitiation of the Kapha Doshas which leads to the accumulation of Ama doshas in the body which affects the Vyana Vayu (circulation).
  • This accumulation of the Kapha Doshas affects the Meda Dhatu and Agni which decreases the functioning of metabolic function at the level of Dhatu.
  • This decrease in metabolic functioning increases the Meda dhatu as the fat and surrounds the organs.
  • This excessive meda dhatu interrupts the Rakta Dhatu accumulates in the Rakta Vaha Srotas and blocks the Vyana Vayu from the heart to peripheral tissues.
  • Due to blockages, the blood pressure gets increased and leads to atherosclerosis.

Various Herbs Useful In Artery Blockage

  1. Arjun - Arjun (Terminalia bellirica) is the herb of choice for all heart problems. Whenever there is any health issue regarding the cardiovascular system, the 1st herb that comes to mind is Arjun. Bark of Terminalia Arjuna consists of Friedelin, Arjunine, Arjunosides, Arjungenin arjunetin, Arjunolic acid, Oleanolic acid etc. It's packed with anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, antioxidant and nourishing properties. Arjun helps to clear channels and throw toxins out of the body. It can be taken in decoction form or powder or capsules for easy convenience.
  2. Garlic - Garlic (Allium sativum) can prevent and treat plaque build-up in the arteries, lower cholesterol levels and prevent blood clots. The main active components of garlic called allicin and ajoene are responsible for preventing blood clots by reducing the stickiness of blood platelets.
  3. Guggul - Guggul (Commiphora mukul) helps to lower high cholesterol levels, thus reducing plaque buildup in the arteries. Guggul has been most effective at lowering cholesterol. Consuming guggul can significantly improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people and hence prevent artery blockage
  4. Turmeric - Turmeric (Curcuma longa) contains an active compound called curcumin that can prevent blood platelet coagulation and help rid arteries of plaque formation. In traditional medicine, turmeric has been used to strengthen the blood vessels. Turmeric's strong antioxidant actions can protect LDL cholesterol from being oxidised, thus lowering blood cholesterol and preventing plaque buildup.
  5. Ginger - Ginger (Zingiber officinale) root reduces platelet stickiness and helps clear arteries of plaque. Taking either dry ginger or fresh ginger can affect blood platelets. Ginger contains more than 12 antioxidants and can help reduce serum cholesterol levels, improve circulation and lower the risk of blood clots thereby preventing artery blockage.
  6. Hawthorn - Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) has been used in traditional medicine to treat cardiovascular disease. It prevents plaque formation in arteries, lower high cholesterol and lower high blood pressure. The polyphenols called rutin and quercetin in hawthorn have antioxidant properties that can improve cardiovascular health and stop plaque buildup. Hawthorn also helps regulate the heartbeat, dilate blood vessels and decrease peripheral vascular resistance. Hawthorn is found in most herbal remedies for treating hardening of the arteries, angina and heart weakness.

Various Home Remedies For Artery Blockages

  1. Pomegranate For Atherosclerosis - Pomegranate is a healthy heart fruit which is rich in Antioxidants which reduce the free radicals in the body. It stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the blood which cleanses arteries and regulates blood pressure.
  2. Green Tea - Green Tea has the ability to reduce the lipid level in the body which leads to Coronary Artery Disease. This Tea has Polyphenols which have various antioxidant properties which reduce the progression of the disease and show a reduction in Lipoprotein.
  3. Spinach - Spinach contains fibres and vitamins, which are rich in Antioxidants which reduce cholesterol levels and treat various cardiovascular and Atherosclerosis.
  4. Turmeric - Curcumin is a yellow pigment which has various properties such as Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, Turmeric increases the good cholesterol in the body and enhances the metabolic pathway. Curcumin is helpful in reversing the transportation of cholesterol and improves blood flow by restricting the deposition of lipids and obstructing the entry of inflammatory cells. So it is helpful in delaying the formation of Plaque in the arteries.
  5. Chia Seeds - Chia Seeds contain a large amount of Omega 3 fatty acids which contain alpha-linolenic acid which reduces the oxidative stress of the body. 
  6. Fenugreek - Fenugreek relieves clogged arteries. The seeds of Fenugreek have saponins and a high amount of fibre that can help reduce the level of artery-clogging LDL cholesterol. Soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. The next morning, eat the soaked seeds and water on an empty stomach.

Herbal Supplements For Artery Blockage By Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda offers pure herbal extracts in the form of capsules, tea like Arjuna Capsules, Total Heart Support, Arjun Tea, Gotukola Capsules etc. These help to improve blood circulation, nourish heart tissues and clear the channels to remove impurities. Regular use is highly advised for better results. Herbal remedies provide great support along with allopathy which can be withdrawn slowly. These are absolutely free from any kind of side effects rather one gets side benefits. Opt for standardised herbal extracts along with home remedies and a balanced diet for complete treatment.

Heart Care Pack



  1. Arjun Tea: 1-2 Cups, twice daily.
  2. Total Heart Support: 2 Capsules, twice daily with plain water, half an hour after meals.
  3. Arjuna Capsules: 1 Capsule, twice daily with plain water after meals.
  4. Gotu Kola Capsules: 1 Capsule twice daily with plain water, after meals.

Products Description

1. Arjun Tea

Arjun Tea is a herbal preparation which is made by Planet Ayurveda using ingredients such as Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Pipal Tvak (Ficus religiosa) and more. Arjun Tea is helpful in balancing Kapha doshas which removes the blockages of Ama doshas from the channels of the heart and calms the aggravated Vata doshas. Has Hrudya property which regulates the mobility of the gut and reduces the burning sensation as it has a cooling property.

2. Total Heart Support

Total Heart Support capsules are Polyherbal Capsules formulation which is manufactured by Planet Ayurveda using Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) and more. These Capsules are useful in High cholesterol levels and in Blocked Arteries.  It is helpful in providing strength to the heart and cleansing the arteries.

3. Arjuna Capsules

Arjuna Capsules is a single herbal formulation which is prepared by Planet Ayurveda using Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna). Arjuna has an Astringent taste with Cold potency which is useful in balancing the Kapha doshas which is helpful in various heart diseases, improves weakness and has anti-hypertensive properties which reduce high blood pressure.

4. Gotu Kola Capsules

Gotu Kola is a single herbal capsule which is manufactured by Planet Ayurveda using Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica). Gotu Kola has a Bitter taste and helps balance Vata and Kapha doshas. Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicines ages it improves circulation and helps in relaxation. Supports a healthy neurological system and the conduction of nerve impulses.

To buy Heart Care Pack, please visit


The tubes that resemble arteries carry nutrition and oxygen to the tissues so they can work correctly. Elastic arteries receive blood from the heart before travelling to the arteries, whereas muscular arteries carry blood to the body's tissues. These two types of arteries have distinct purposes. The central nervous system often sends impulses to arteries, which aid in maintaining a stable blood pressure. It is a progressive, slow-moving illness that can advance quickly and start in childhood. Further, we discussed the ayurvedic concept with various herbs and home remedies which are helpful in artery blockage without causing any side effects.


1. What Is Artery Blockage?

Atherosclerosis, another name for artery blockage, can happen when plaque accumulates on an artery's inner wall. This may partially or totally stop blood flow.

2. What Are The Causes Of Artery Blockage?

Cholesterol Deposits and Plaques are the most common causes of blocked arteries and they build up in the artery which decreases the blood flow to the heart.

3. What Are The Symptoms Of Blocked Artery?

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling like your heart is racing (heart palpitations)
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating
  • Weakness

4. How Can We Check An Artery Blockage?

  • Blood tests
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Nuclear stress test
  • CT Coronary Angiogram
  • Exercise Stress Test

5. Which Ayurvedic Herbs Are Useful In Artery Blockages?

  • Guggul
  • Amalaki
  • Lasuna
  • Pushkarmool
  • Jatamansi

6. Can Blockage Removed By Ayurveda?

The proper ayurvedic medications are with proper medications, diet, exercise and proper routine. Then only it shows you good results in managing health and improves the blood vessels.

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