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Khadirarishta - Benefits, Uses, Indications and Dosage


Khadirarishta is a liquid poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicine which is also known by other names Khadirarishtam and Khadirarisht. Khadirarishta comprises 5 - 10 % of self-generated alcohol in it. It is clear, dark brown liquid with no frothing, essential sedimentation and has astringent taste. Khadirarishta is useful as an excellent blood purifier, antibacterial, digestive agent and eliminates blood toxins. Used in clearing Pimples and Acne from the skin.

Reference - Bhaishajya Ratnavali 54/365-370


S. No.NameLatin Name Part UsedQuantity
1.KhadiraAcacia CatechuHeart wood2.4 kg
2.DevadaruCedrus deodaraHeart wood2.4 kg
3.Bakuchi beejPsoralea corylifoliaSeed576 g
4.DarviBerberis aristataRoots960 g
5.HaritakiTerminalia chebulaFruit960 g
6.VibhitakiTerminalia bellericaFruit960 g
7.Amalaki (Amla)Emblica officinalisFruit960 g
8.MakshikaHoney 9.6 kg
9.Sharkara (Sugar)Sugar candy 4.8 kg
10.Dhataki Woodfordia fruticosaFlower960 g
11.KankolaPiper cubebaFruit48 g
12.NagakesharaMesua ferreaStamen48 g
13.JatiphalaMyristica fragransSeed48 g
14.Lavanga (clove)Syzygium aromaticumFlower buds48 g
15.Ela (cardamom)Elettaria cardamomumFruit48 g
16.TwakCinnamomum zeylanicumBark48 g
17.PatraCinnamomum tamalaLeaves48 g
18.PippaliPiper longumFruit192 g

Method of Preparation

All these herbs (Khadira, Devadaru, Bakuchi, Darvi, Vibhitaki, and Amalaki) are taken in coarse powder form and then boiled with the definite amount of water, which is further reduced to a quarter part to get Kashaya. This liquid is then filtered, added with sugar and thoroughly mixed. It is filtered once again.

Then rest of the ingredients are added into it and this is kept in an air tight container that has been smeared from inside with ghee for fermentation. After a month, it is taken out and filtered.

Its shelf life is of 10 years. Once the bottle is opened it is better to vacant it within 2 months.

Properties of Khadirarishta

Khadirarishta is an Ayurvedic formulation used to manage various health complications. Antimicrobial action of this medicine helps to fight against the various infections in body. Blood purification properties of this medicine are quite effective to treat the skin diseases like leucoderma, leprosy, boils, herpes & psoriasis etc. This medicine helps to manage the symptoms in skin diseases like itching, rashes & sores etc. It helps to remove the waste materials from body. Laxative action of this medicine is good for constipation as it helps in softening of stools. Anthelmintic properties of Khadirarishta are also very effective against tapeworms, roundworms and flakes. For liver disease, it helps in cleansing as it remove the toxins from liver. Hence, use of this medicine is good in jaundice, hepatomegaly & splenomegaly etc. This medicine is useful in case of tumor, abdominal lump & cysts. Respiratory properties of this medicine are good to resolve the problems like asthma, cold & cough etc. Use of this medicine is quite good to alleviate the symptoms like narrowing of air ways, bronchial congestion & shortening of breath etc. Khadirarishta is known to be an effective medicine for good digestive health.


  • It is a tremendous blood purifier, laxative, anthelmintic, antibacterial and digestive.
  • This liquid has good use in eliminating toxins from blood.
  • It is good for patient with heart diseases & worm infestation.
  • Khadirarishta is source of lowering triglyceride and improving HDL activity.
  • Beneficial in Skin conditions like that of leucoderma, leprosy & boils etc.
  • Its use has been found effective in Asthma and in cough.
  • Khadirarishtam is usually suggested in every kind of skin diseases, glandular enlargement, localized abdominal swelling, tumor, intestinal parasites, worm infestation, splenic enlargement, jaundice and anemia.
  • Also a good supplement for diabetes and obesity.


15 - 30 ml. once or twice a day, generally advised after food mixed with equal quantity of water.


  • This medicine is safe in children above 5 years of age but only with lower dose.
  • During the period of pregnancy, it is better to avoid this or consume only under medical supervision.
  • During lactation period, it may be taken in lower doses, but that should be based on doctor's advice only.
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