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Vaikrant Mystique: Delving into Manganese's Secrets


Ayurveda minerals based medications are gaining popularity throughout the world and many researchers are going on. Such mineral based preparations are given in low quantities but have the potential to ease more than one disease, even the deadly ones. That's the beauty of Ayurveda and this shastra of minerals is called Ras shastra. A mythological story attached with the origin of Vaikrant is that when Goddess Durga killed Demon Mahishasura, then wherever his droplets fell, the origin of Vaikrant took place at the particular spot. In this article we will discuss Vaikrant (Manganese or Tourmaline) in detail.

वज्रवत सर्व रोगाणाम हरयाण यतस्ति्वदम।
धत्ते वक्रान्तिमतुलाम वैक्रान्तं कथ्यते ततः।। (रस तरंगिणी १३/ १५६)

The above stated verse means that Vaikrant has the capacity to treat any disease. Due to its availability around river Vaikranti, it is termed as Vaikrant.

Vaikrant (Manganese Or Tourmaline)


वैक्रान्त, जीर्ण वज्रक, कुववज्रक, क्षुद्र कुलिश, चूर्णवज्र

Location Of Manganese In India

Major Ores in India

Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa

Minor Ores in India

Andhra Pradesh, Jahrkhand, Gujrat, Rajasthan, West Bengal

Swaroopa Of Vaikrant (Shape Of Manganese)

Best Variety has 8 sides, 8 surfaces, 6 edges, Soft in touch, Heavy in Weight, Bright Single Colour, Mixed Colours


Maharas (By Ras Ratan Samuchya)

Types of Vaikrant (Manganese Or Tourmaline)

There are many types of Vaikrant (Manganese or Tourmaline). According to various references, they are being mentioned below

S.No. Grantha/Reference Types Name Of Types
1. Ras Avran & Ras Manjari 7 Shwet (White), Rakat (Red), Peeta (Yellow), Neel (Blue), Paravat Prabh (), Mayur kantha sadrishya (Peacock colour), Mrkt Prabh (Green in Colour)
2. Rasendra Chudamani & Ras Ratan Samuchya 8 Shwet (White), Rakat (Red), Peeta (Yellow), Neel (Blue), Paravat Prabh (),Shyam (), Krishan (), Kurbar ()

Varna Anusaar Vaikrant Karma (Qualities Of Different Coloured Manganese)

देहसिद्धिकरं कृष्णं पीते पीतं सीते सितम।
सर्वार्थसिद्धिदं रक्तं तथा मरकत प्रभं।।
शेषे द्वे निष्फले वर्ज्ये वैक्रान्त इति सप्तधा।। (रस रत्न समुच्य २/६२-६३)

S.No. Varna Anusaar Vaikrant Karma
1. Krishan Vrnaya Vaikrant Deha siddhikar (Nourishes body)
2. Peeta Vrnaya Vaikrant Pitkaram (Swaran Nirman) ()
3. Shwet Vrnaya Vaikrant Shwet karam ()
4. Mrkt Vrnaya Sarvartha siddhi (Universal accomplishments)
5. Rakat Vrnaya Sarvartha siddhi (Universal accomplishments)
6. Neel Vrnaya Inefficient to show any results
7. Paravat Vrnaya Inefficient to show any results

Vaikrant (Manganese Or Tourmaline) Shodhana (Purification)

There are two processes for the purification of Vaikrant (Manganese). These are as follows

  • Vaikrant can be made into small pieces. Then holding it with tongs this needs to be heated till it becomes red hot. After this it is to be dipped in Horse urine 21 times.
  • Vaikrant is to be wrapped in a cloth and then is to be dipped in a pot having Nimbu Rasa (Lemon juice). This process is called sweden and it is done for one day. It can also be done with horse gram decoction, urine of animals like cow, rasa of banana root tree or by mixing Sajji kshar (Alkali of Seidlitzia stockssi), Yavakshar (Alkali of barley), Tankan (Borax) and five type of salts. These are to be mixed and kept in Dola Yantra (Instrument used in Alchemical laboratory) for Sweden till the next three days.

Why Is Purification Needed?

Impurified Vaikrant consumption causes Skin conditions, burning in body, pain in flanks and Anaemia.

Guna (Properties)

  • Rasa (Taste) – Madhur (Sweet), Amla (Sour), Lavan (Salty), Katu (Pungent), Tikta (Bitter), Kshaya (Astringent)
  • Guna (Inherent properties) – Snigdha (Smooth)

Karma (Qualities)

  • मेध्य – Memory Enhancer
  • बल्य – Strengthening
  • दीपन – Improves Appetite
  • रसायन – Rejuvenative
  • सर्व रोग नाशक – Manages all kind of diseases
  • वातादि दोष – Helps in degenerative disorders
  • विष नाशक – Neutralise effect of poison
  • ज्वरहर – Reduces Fever
  • कुष्ठहर – Helpful in Skin disorders
  • क्षय नाशक – Improves wasting disorders
  • प्रमेहनाशक - Useful in diabetes

Used In Diseases

Anaemia, Ascitis, Fever, Asthma

The Vaikrant is called the King of Maharasa and it is even used in Cancer as well. Many studies are going on about the action of minerals in specific types of cancer. The Vaikrant which is called as "Sarv Roga Nashak '' is best suited for treating cancers related to brain cells and Thymus gland.

Effect On Dosha

Tridosha Shamak (V-, P-, K-)

Form of Mineral used

Bhasma (calx)

Dosage & Anupana

5mg - 10 mg (Rest according to the Body strength and Timing)

Main Formulations Containing Vaikrant

Ratan Prabha Vati, Vasant Kusumakar Ras, Suchika Bharan Ras, Apurva Malini Vasant Ras


Vaikrant is a mineral and its formulations hold the capacity to be effective in any condition, even in cancer. This mineral as mentioned above is the king of maharasa and has many types. Out of its types, by various Acharyas, some types possess properties which are quite useful. So, that is all about Vaikrant.

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