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Thyroid Health

Yoga For Thyroid Health Abstract The thyroid gland is located below Adam’s apple just under the skin. The thyroid gland is composed of two halves connected with Isthmus. It is not visible but it can be felt. The thyroid is basically enlarged in normal conditions. It is a very important endocrine gland. It secretes two hormones into the blood. Those hormones are T3 and T4. The secretion of T3 and T4 is dependent on TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone). TSH is released

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Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha)

Yoga Asanas to Balance Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) Introduction Yoga practices are the main yogic tools which assist in balancing physical stamina and boosting energy levels. It enables us to direct our attention and energy within. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic science which aids in managing all the health ailments with safe classical herbs. These classical herbs work on all the three doshas and sustain their balance. Our holistic science uses these doshas to explain the different energies we

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Sexual Dysfunction in Young Males and Females

Yoga Tips for Sexual Dysfunction in Young Males and Females Sexual dysfunction in young males and females is a concern and it is becoming increasingly common these days. While the male and female reproductive systems differ a lot in structure and function, some contributing factors can be shared, like stress and nutritional deficiencies. In female dysfunction the hormones have a great role to play and in males the nutrition has a major role. Sexual dysfunction can be managed with therapeutic

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SAD – Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Benefits of Yoga in Preventing SAD – Stress, Anxiety & Depression SAD – Stress, anxiety, and depression has become a common disorder, a cluster of mental conditions that affect the millenials in some or the other way. These conditions share their symptoms, causes and complications, and can also lead to each other, as well as the worsening of other physical conditions. Yoga can be beneficial in the management of such disorders and cluster conditions. This article describes what stress, anxiety

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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss : Mechanism, Diagnosis & Restoration With Yoga & AyurvedaHearing loss significantly affects one’s quality of life and their social and emotional growth. Although hearing loss is common and occurs gradually as one gets older, it could also be due to structural and functional abnormalities of the ear and the nervous connections behind the ear responsible for the complete mechanism of hearing and sound processing. Abnormal hearing could be present at birth which can be difficult to recognize in

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Eating Habits & Best Yoga For Children

Best Yoga & Eating Habits For Children That Will Help in Long Term HealthChildren require optimum nutrition and physical activity during their growing years and the dietary requirements of children keep changing as they grow. Children spend their time playing around but this can be transformed into a healthier and more wholesome practice by making children practice yoga at a young age. It can bring surprising benefits and changes in their personality. This article explains the need for healthy eating

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Gut Restoration

Total Gut Restoration Steps With Yoga, Diet & HerbsThis article is a guide on restoring gut health by means of cleansing practices. Two kinds of cleansing practices are mentioned: dietary, done with food items, and yogic, done by Hathayoga techniques. The dietary practices are generally safe for everyone and can be done every once in a while. They take time to cleanse the gut. The yogic ones are more powerful and should not be done without guidance and out of

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Restore Body After Lockdown

Best Yoga Practices To Help You Restore Your Perfect Body After Lockdown Almost every person’s life and work has been transformed by – that deadly virus – which has made us all sit at our homes for more than a year now. Everything is being done online and movement and public interactions have been restricted by government authorities all over the world. We are not only missing parties and shopping but also our morning walks and gym sessions because even

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Vision Enhancement

Enhancing Vision With Trataka Kriya And Ayurvedic HerbsVision is the process of image formation. Healthy vision depends on the health of each organ involved in the process, i.e. the eye, the concerned part of the brain, and the nerves connecting the eye and the brain. Like any other process of the body, vision can be defected too, due to a structural or functional abnormality in the body. This article covers some aspects of vision, such as its mechanism, its defects

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Healthy Pregnancy

Yoga And Ayurvedic Diet For Healthy PregnancyPregnancy is a special time for people for many reasons. It is indeed no less than a miracle of nature that tiny human beings can be created inside of other humans. It is undoubtedly exciting to discover that you’re expecting, but this period of around 9 months demands utmost care and caution. It is not an old wives’ tale to be cautious during pregnancy; this advice holds value in the view of ayurvedic, yogic

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